May your pipe dreams come true...

May your pipe dreams come true...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pipe Review 1927 Dunhill Sandblast Shell and a Nording Freehand

The first review is for the Straight Pipe you see above.
The story of where I got this pipe is the story of how I got into the world of pipeology. At age 12 I discovered my dad's pipe stash ,which was a few Carey "magic inch" pipes and a bag of dried out "something". At age 13 I had filled a pipe ,without his knowledge and smoked the dry and tasteless tobacco. Jump ahead 3 years .....I was at my grandparents house and in an old drawer I see 2 old and dirty pipes . I show them to my grandfather and he tells me they were his dads. He gave them to me and I took them home and bought some drugstore tobacco and gave one a test run . It was an amazing smoke . Tasty, nice room odor and had a lot of history behind it ...most of which I didn't know about yet .

A year later I was in what I call the greatest tobacco shop ever.."The Tobacco Tavern" in State College Pa. On of the guys in the shop saw one of my Great Granddads' pipes...and he said "where in the world did you get that ?" I told him the story and I have been smoking this pipe since. I didn't know that the pipe was made by one of the most prestigious pipe makers in the world and used aged brier wood that is 200 years old. I only smoke english blends and flakes that have Latakia in them in this pipe. I must say I am not a fan of straight pipes but this is truly one of the best smoking devices I own . The Best . The sandblast finish is the finest in the world. I have had the pipe professionally cleaned a few times but now I know how to do it myself.

Thanks Donato Lardieri for have good taste in pipes ...I will pass this one down to my son . He already told me he hates smoking but loves pipes and will display this one in his room when he grows up . His Great Great Grandfather would never believe it's still being cherished ....boy did his money get well spent !

The other pipe in the picture above is a Nording Handmade Freehand.
I bought this one in 2000 and I can't remember where.
The bowl is huge and on a good night I can smoke it for almost 2 hours.
It originally had an acrylic base that I removed ... now its in my top 5 best smoking pipes list .
The sandblast/smooth finish is a real work of art and the long stem gives it a cool smoke. This is my 1792 flake pipe ......I only smoke that blend in this one . Read below about that blend and you will see why.

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