May your pipe dreams come true...

May your pipe dreams come true...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review...Cornell+Diehl's Interlude

Pictured above is a can of Interlude and my #17 Nording Horn.

Well... this was a blend that was recommended to me by someone at Iwan Ries because of its strength. This is the manufactures description...
Deep Red Virginia kissed with a touch of honey to develop the natural sweetness of the leaf then sliced into flakes.

Well the can's whiff has the hint of honey ...and the red Virginian's tartness is present. It comes in a broken flake form and is a bit dry. I must say the first light and the first quarter of the bowl had the most sour and unpleasant taste ... I was mortified ...and then the sweetness kicked in . The smoke was never very strong and had a 2 note quality. Half way down the smoke was very pleasing . This smoking experience was like a Peyote trip with out the vomiting ! I was never a fan of the Red Virginians ....The dark brown ones were more my style guess the honey helps bring out the good qualities of the red V's but it takes awhile to work. I don't know if I will buy this one again ,there are too many good blends and flakes that can keep me busy and thousands of new ones to try. I must say the picture on the can is quite nice.It has a vintage beach scene that reminds me of "Chariots of Fire" I will be saving this can for the Peyote memory and the 2 trick pony.

3 stars

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