May your pipe dreams come true...

May your pipe dreams come true...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Pipe Review ...Stanwell Featherweight 224

Well getting a new pipe is a big deal for me because its like making a new friend ,a friend that will be with you for the rest of your life. In this case its the first pipe I ever bought online just by looking at a picture.(mail order bride)...thats what I was thinking when I did it . The pipe is a medium to low priced pipe from Stanwell ...and my first from this very reputable company. This is a sandblasted horn shaped pipe and I fell in love just by looking at the picture.

When it came, I held the Stanwell box in my hand and thought there a pipe in here... no weight ... then I remembered by looking on the box side that it is indeed a "featherweight". I opened it up and removed the green cloth bag ...pulled it out ...... wow this is a small pipe !
I was a bit saddened by its size but quickly became optimistic because I did want a "coffee break pipe".... meaning very small. But this was not the coffee break pipe I wanted..oh well.The next thing I noticed was the fine sandblast. Dark, with a smooth birds eye rim...beautiful. This is not the sandblast of a Dunhill . I have one and it is a true marvel how they sandblast . Most of it comes from the 200 year old Brier Dunhill uses. The Stanwell sandblast is still very nice. The inside of the bowl is treated with the black stuff to ease break in time. Most people hate the stuff, but I don't mind it . I just use a Latakia blend to break in my pipes. In this pipe I used Sam Gawith's Commonwealth ...50% Latakia ...that should do the trick masking the sour new pipe taste.

I gave it the traditional honey smear ,packed a half bowl ...and smoked away. A week later's almost broken in . The tiny bowl last a long time because it is a bit deep and it is an excellent walking pipe because it is so light. It produced a sweet smoke almost right away...only getting a bit sour at the end. Perfect for NYC when I don't have a lot of time walking between subway stations or a quick smoke after performing one of my shows. Highly recommended !

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