May your pipe dreams come true...

May your pipe dreams come true...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Review...Cornell+Diehl's Blockade Runner

Well I am not a fan of aromatic tobacco ...but I do like ones that use natural casings like honey,rum and natural oils . Read the description of this one.....

"A true Navy Cavendish crumble cake made with hand stoved red Virginia and golden Virginia and soaked in a premium rum for seven days, then lightly stoved again, pressed and cut. The seven days are the time it took our seagoing forefathers to sail back to New England from the Islands with the tobacco in their casks soaked with rum. The ship on the label is the Advance, the South's most successful blockade runner."

When you open the tin you will see a large piece of cake that smells wonderful. Rum is the first thing I smelled and then the Virginian comes underneath . The cake "crumbles" easily in to a shag looking consistency that is easy to fill a bowl. Its not too moist or dry and expands a lot when the flame hits the tobacco. Easy to light ...and then the tastes hits you . It actually tastes like the scent from the can which is rare with most aromatics...I don't consider this one a real aromatic .I smoked it in my old very broken in Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipe (picture above). I predicted that the rum flavor would die down and then the Virginian's would take over ...I was wrong . The rum stays the whole way though. Near the middle of the bowl the Virginia subtle sweetness comes through with flying colors. It stays lit and burns slow.

What a treat to find this blend on Iwan Ries website. I was looking for something new to try and this one jumped out at me . This cake will be in my 3 times a week smoking roster ...I give it 4 stars !

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