May your pipe dreams come true...

May your pipe dreams come true...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Return of 1792

The reason this is called the "return" is because about 8 years ago I had this tobacco and it made me nauseous, dizzy and I swore never to buy it ever again ......
About 2 months ago I had a little voice tell me to give it another try .....and this is the story.
1792 flake tobacco is made by my favorite tobacco company Samuel Gawith. They have been in business since 1792 and this is a mixture that has been around since then . They still use the same machines to press and cut the tobaccos and the flavorings they use are natural . This flake has tonquin flavoring which is a vanilla substitute that is illegal in the USA because it is poison. Its being smoked so they will let it by on this one . Here is their description on the process......

"This is a full strength, mellow tobacco comprising a blend of dark fired Tanzanian leaf. It starts as 7 lbs. of hand stripped leaf and goes through a steaming process prior to its being pressed. The cake, having been prepared, is wrapped in a selected leaf and packed by hand into a 12 inch square. This cake is pressed and left for a minimum of 2 hours. Then, the pressed cake is placed into a steam press where it is baked at a high heat for two to three hours. The baked cake has then taken on 1792's characteristic rich, dark color. Its hardening occurs during cooling. Once the process of cutting the flake and adding Tonquin flavoring is carried out, hand wrapping and packing finalizes 1792, making it ready for rubbing into your pipe."

That description is from Iwan Ries +Co ...

Well I must say after years of hating this one... I now love it .
As you can see in the picture it is very dark. When it is just opened, the flakes are very "wet"
and they need about 2 hours of airing out before it is ready to smoke . This is one of the hardest tobaccos to keep lit, so for a beginner this one is a nightmare. The flavor is a heavy, oily,thick smoke with a hint of chocolate. It is the headiest tobaccos I have ever had and it is best smoked at the end of the day . In one of my large bowled pipes I can keep going for almost 2 hours. The taste of chocolate goes in and out with this one which makes it a joy to smoke . It keeps you on your toes and every now and then it will surprise you with a new flavor that came from nowhere. I think it is best smoked in a larger pipe so the tobacco can ferment in you pipe longer developing a better taste.
This is my recipe for the perfect pipe ... 1792 flake rubbed in a large bowled pipe, Vivaldi station on Pandora Radio, and a glass of Tonic Water with ice.
The result.....happy clouds of the happy trees that Bob Ross painted. Remember?

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  1. More on 1792... Its comes in a box of 250 g or a tin of 50 g.
    I think the box is better because it sits a little longer and ages a bit more.